Law Practice Management: how to control processes and deadlines without stress

Law Practice Management: how to control processes and deadlines without stress

A good law practice management is the key to a strong, well run and profitable firm; no matter the business the firm is in, no matter the sector they work for, whether you are a sole practitioner, a partner of a law firm or an in-house lawyer with management responsibilities.

This is a fact but, it is also true that poor habits and shortcuts will make, over time, inroads into best practice, culminating in lower profits, big business risks and stressed employees.

Is your organization having some hard times conciliating the main routine with the office activities, without neglecting the control of processes and deadlines? Is it hard to have the office running smoothly and, at the same time, attend to all the needs customers, partners and employees have while focusing also on different deadlines (from meeting to bills, legal ones or fiscal duties)?

A Law practice management software consists of a set of office tools that can help lawyers run their law firms efficiently.

All firms are living under an intensive routine brought by an economic and technological scenario that turns off physical frontiers and makes all businesses global. So many things to do, so little time to it.

Assuming technologies are here to simplify your routine and a good law firm software it’s halfway to more peaceful days, firms should count on technology to automate process management. Automation is the keyword in this case.

The practice of law is run by deadlines. When an attorney fails to file documents on time, their clients can lose significant amounts of money.

Even though these cases in the legal profession are common and a major cause of professional indemnity claims against lawyers. In most cases, this results from an inadequate diary and reminder system.

As a fact, if a legal worker fails to properly manage dates and scheduling places, a firm might be at a high risk of liability due to the possibility of pleadings or appeals not being filed within the prescribed time; there is also the possible expiration of a limitation period or contractual breaches. So, there is no doubt that time is a golden rule in these matters.

By employing an electronic diary system with automated alerts, for instance, that is accessible to all staff; and by maintaining a dedicated database that helps legal workers tracking key dates, these problems tend to disappear.

On the other hand, it is important to consider a practice management software that allows us to build detailed workflows and check off each step once completed, always warning if a step isn’t completed by a certain date.

All around the world, today’s companies need lawyers not only to resolve legal issues but also to support their business development efforts.

When we are talking about legal practice and the challenges workers face in this area, the differences between European companies and American ones are not an issue. Although USA has some of the major law firms in the world, like Baker McKenzie (based in Chicago), DLA Piper (based in New York City) or Norton Rose Fullbright (from Houston), with some million dollars in revenue, fact is that the problems are just the same as any other legal firm and/or department, regardless of the size of each business.

Case management workflow automation: a specific feature that is essential for your law firm’s needs.

It´s important to innovatively approach the problem. That is why the spending by law departments on corporate legal technology in the USA has gone up in the last few years. In fact, according to Statista Research Department, in 2015, law departments in the United States spent around 202 million U.S. dollars on e-Billing software, reaching some 235 million U.S. dollars by 2019. And this goes for all kinds of technology in the USA, from legal practice management software to hardware or mobile equipment.

The investment is also rising in Europe, Middle East and Africa, reflecting the importance of technological solutions and all its features are conquering in the day-to-day legal department’s life.

If your company automates repeating tasks to ease the process and time tracking, by using the right software for the daily office routine, it is easier to create task “templates” to apply across different timeframes.

Advances in legal technology allow law firms to enhance the delivery of their legal services by automating manual processes using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The result: significant reductions in overhead expenses, execution timelines, and productivity.

It’s no surprise that legal knowledge automation has become a priority for leading law firms. So, why don’t we call this the Future of Law?

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Today, with good legal software, every law firm can keep track, know what’s going on, who’s doing what, and delegate tasks without having to move from the desk or poke someone over Skype.

Software is now able to track SLAs, approaching deadlines and proactively alert users about activities expected to be completed by them.

The system also updates you on the progress of every ongoing activity. So, having access to this information in real-time and being able to manage your team over the internet is a huge help.

Legal Management System is an answer?

Working in the legal practice management software area, Blue Screen IT Solutions is able to offer its clients a technological tool that helps law firms manage legal proceedings. In this case, failing dates or documents are past mistakes.

The third-generation Legal Management System (LMS®) was designed to help legal workers by the time they have to make their management software choices; we are talking about a solution that simplifies client communication processes and makes all the work easier.

Automating your manual processes to enhance the delivery of your legal services will benefit your law firm in many ways. That’s why we have developed LMS®. Just talk to us we can help your business.