6 trends on enterprise application software that improve IT-business alignment

6 trends on enterprise application software that improve IT-business alignment

Enterprise application software has been key to address the increasingly digital world we live in. Sellers and buyers are all online. Consumers and companies want convenience and immediate responses. Doing business anytime, anywhere, from any device, is a demand not only for B2C but also for B2B organizations. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic business models had to be reinvented in record time. IT and business alignment has never been so critical. Leaders are now seeing IT as an enabler of their go-to-market and growth strategies.

Several technologies are leading the way and it’s important to keep an eye on them. Enterprise application software is definitely your best ally to succeed in this fast-paced and demanding environment, and to be prepared for what’s coming.

6 trends you just cannot miss


Low code/No code

Drag-and-drop editors, graphical interfaces and configurations highly simplify to accelerate enterprise application software development. This means your company can address business challenges, consider user feedback and turn ideas into scalable products much more quickly and efficiently.


Remote working

For many organizations, the transition from on-site to remote working was a daunting task but it has rapidly become their new normal. Most of them are now combining models or enabling employees to choose the preferred choice to make everybody happy. But to continue bringing the results, it is critical to invest in intuitive and valuable enterprise application software. Tools to perform tasks and interact with colleagues with the same productivity and motivation regardless of location. Here, there is still much space for improvement.


Artificial Intelligence at the service of Cybersecurity

AI is the newfound anchor of trade and is more and more used in various fields of cybersecurity. In fact, it can detect suspicious IP addresses as well as data breaches in few seconds. This is especially important with the work from anywhere trend.


Cloud Computing

This will continue to be a trend for many years. It makes enterprise application software development and hosting cost-effective, flexible and global. People can access it whenever needed, and both launch and future enhancements are released faster.


Progressive Web Apps

PWAs work like an accelerated website and can help your company get to market faster and reduce development/maintenance costs while giving users a native app-like experience. Since a PWA is accessed via browser, it runs on any type of operating system and mobile device.


5g reinventing the network

5G is the same as to say better speed, network capacity, reliability, data security, and low latency. In fact, 5G technology connects virtually everyone and everything. Its opportunities are tremendous for business and IT, and both are willing to leverage them when wide adoption occurs.

And that’s it! Enterprise application software development is the day-to-day at Blue Screen IT Solutions for the last 21 years. We are always attentive to the market, its trends and best practices to provide a service of excellence and help our clients to perfectly align business and IT. If you need help for your next project, count on us!