Blue Screen awarded as one of the Top 100 "Best Companies to Work For"

Blue Screen awarded as one of the Top 100 "Best Companies to Work For"

All for One

The rate of talent retention is one of the indicators of employee satisfaction for this information technology company

The information technology world is very competitive in terms of resources, which has led to the growing demand for talent in this area. Now, as consequence it results in a high turnover for the tech ones. However, Blue Screen, a specialist in software development, based in Lisbon, has a very positive and relevant resource retention rate.

This scenario leads Frederico Oliveira, managing partner, to conclude that “something we must be doing well to get people to stay voluntarily, not feeling the need to make demands or listen to the market looking for new opportunities”. Founded on what became known as the year of the computer bug, 2000, the company, Frederico Oliveira points out, has managed to create an environment and an internal culture that motivates people.

Since 2012, when it started to develop its own solutions, the number of employees increased from eight to 16 and turnover also almost doubled. Growth has opened doors to new markets, and the company is currently present on four continents, with customers in the United States, Brazil, most western European countries and Cape Verde.

At Blue Screen, the human resources management strategy is based on “creating a link, a personal bond with each of the employees”. This policy follows “very few rules, but we managed to develop all the work successfully and with customer satisfaction”, explains the responsible. This is because, in this way, people feel responsible and, above all, part of the project. The bet in the area of training is another of the company’s assets, which promotes the professional growth of its employees as a form of satisfaction. With the growing number of foreign clients, for example, English and Spanish courses have been made available.

Maximum Responsibility

The Scrum methodology is the tool used in each project, and it is through it that the team becomes responsible for it. The work is divided into small tasks and any problems are discussed every fortnight. It is the team that defines “the time frame in which it can accomplish it, and does not need supervision because people commit,” explains the managing partner.

In order to make life easier for employees, the technology has partnered with a car park, since in the areas surrounding the facilities, parking is paid. There is an effort to ensure that the timetable is met, despite the flexibility in the check-in and check-out times. Blue Screen still offers the possibility to work remotely in case of personal need, or to adjust the schedule to this specific situation.

Still, “we have a huge success rate in meeting deadlines,” says Frederico Oliveira, since the technologies used allow delivering projects much faster.


Creating a personal link with each employee is the management tool followed by this software house

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