Quality Policy

In order to cope with the defined strategy, offer an effective service and maintain customer satisfaction, Blue Screen implements a Quality Management System (QMS) according to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

To ensure the implementation and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, Blue Screen defines its Quality Policy according to the following parameters:

– Assist management decisions by providing an effective consulting service;
– Provide its customers with a complete IT Solution;
– Act as an efficient IT department for SME business;
– Keep the client technologically updated;
– Complement its services by presenting the client with reliable partners.
– Portfolio: bring quality software to the world that can anticipate and meet the customer’s business needs;
– Productivity: be a highly fast and effective organization;
– Team: be a great place to work, where people get the inspiration they need to do the best they can;
– Partners: cultivate a winning network of customers and suppliers, so that together they can create mutual and lasting value;
– Planet: be a responsible organization that makes a difference, supporting ecologically conscious and sustainable actions.


September 2nd, 2019