Blue Screen: your OutSystems Partner

blue screen and outsystems partnership

Blue Screen is an OutSystems partner since 2013. With its agile team of professional experts, Blue Screen meets all the requirements to deliver innovation and efficiency to its customers. Present in 11 countries, with consolidated know-how in many industries, it’s the perfect partner to help enterprise companies implement their digital transformation strategies.

Why choosing OutSystems as our partner

Thousands of customers around the world trust OutSystems as the number one low-code platform for rapid application development. OutSystems is the fastest way to deliver enterprise-grade multi-channel applications and the only solution to combine visual full-stack app dev with continuous life cycle management. With this partnership, Blue Screen’s customers are transforming their businesses with applications delivered 6 to 10 times faster, when compared to traditional application development. Companies around the world have made digital transformation a top business priority and Blue Screen is helping them implement their projects, developed using OutSystems low-code platform and unlocking new business opportunities.