Custom software for the legal sector: How to gain and maintain a strategic competitive advantage

Custom software for the legal sector: How to gain and maintain a strategic competitive advantage

An artificial intelligence judge? Legal robots? Big data for law? Why not? Fact is that the legal profession is not immune to the wave of tech buzzwords that have been swamping the market in recent years.

Anyhow, it is a fact that law firms or legal departments inside companies are mostly risk-averse, and law as a profession is even more risk-averse; they compete for being the last to adopt new technologies and go for an effective digital transformation on their departments. But this has to be more and more a thing from the past as efficiencies should be targeted by law firms or legal departments in order to provide a better answer to all the people they work with on their legal services.

In the past decades, IT has become a (very) important part of every organization, office or, even, of our daily lives and law firms or the legal departments cannot look aside and pretend this is not happening.

For them, the right IT emphasis may turn out to be in the shape of a solid legal case management software. However, the most common concern in law practices is “what value” this custom software for the legal sector solutions can bring in running the legal practice more effectively when compared to a paper-based system (that is, still, a central asset for this area)?

Need help with the process of collecting information and billing your clients?

Increase business competitiveness may be an important reason for CEOs and financial officers (along with their legal departments) to think about an upgrade, leading to some improvements from an effective adoption of this kind of software. The return on investment will come as time goes by so you may be sure you are working on a secure way to improve your financial results.

But there are some other key benefits to have in mind starting from a better team collaboration; in fact, by using a modern legal case management software, law firms or legal departments are able to significantly ease the whole process of scheduling an appointment, for instance. On the other side, it also helps managing process deadlines and improves document management and its organization. You know for sure that any lapse while managing deadlines can affect the results of a legal case. Using modern legal case management software becomes easier to meet all the deadlines in each case.

Switch from a paper-based world to a modern integrated legal case management software

In a world made of paper, lots of paper, coordinate communication and document retrieval are other key benefits to have in mind, as well as a better time tracking and billing organization. And, having the ability to track time and bill means you are less likely to lose track of billable time.

Switching from a paper-based world, or an outdated digital case management to a modern, integrated legal case management software offers law firms or legal departments many advantages. And don’t forget that a modern case management software will easily integrate with current systems and allow the creation of business apps that streamline processes throughout the firm.

In fact, when we are talking about custom legal management software and law firm software solutions, we are not only talking about better case management but a whole world of services that goes from there to virtual law office software solutions, legal mobile application developments, litigation support software, law firm software integration, dynamic data capture, law firm data security, legal hold software tools, among many, many others.

Legal is one of the key industries for Blue Screen that is actively working on more features, products and services, to offer any time soon but already has to offer a Credit Claim solution for law firms that work with financial institutions. It deals with defaulted contracts for multiple finance agencies. For each, identifying parties involved, legal processes, escrows, diligences, contact history and file management. The system is built to allow seamless integration with the financial institutions to interchange data and keep track of processes progress.

The solution for defaulted contracts may result in defining new payment terms. The system Blue Screen offers to their clients, helps keep track of its fulfillment and several alerts such as overdue activities. It also includes a powerful and flexible charging system with invoicing option to allow law firms automated charging of fees to their customers, the financial institutions.

So, if you have an issue to resolve, don’t take any risks and look for what Blue Screen has to offer. Feel free to contact us. Our solutions are made to optimize your day-to-day work and it only takes a simple decision to upgrade your systems, whether you are a law firm or a legal department and improve your work.