Hiring the right custom software company: The 9 survival tips you should know

Hiring the right custom software company: The 9 survival tips you should know

The advances made in the technological field became the key success factor for companies and entrepreneurs around the world. No matter where your organization stands or in which area does it work, the fact is that the complex environment and the market requirements bring along a rich set of challenges. You must be ready to face, most of the times, working with the right custom software company, seen here as an essential partner.

Nowadays, has become much more important to look at the latest technological developments to be alongside your main competitors in the market. By modernizing the company, CEOs are also working on new business opportunities, a better return on investment and a higher business competitivity.

To reach these goals, it is important to choose the right custom software company to work with. But it comes with some extra work and a lot of research on the market, so it is important to take some time out to do this kind of study. But, by the end of the day, working with the right partner may be the difference between a success and a failure, whether we are talking about ERP, CRM or other technological tools.

In the lines below, we are going to provide you with some tips on how you can make this happen.

Custom software company: do your homework!

1. Do you know, exactly, what you want?

Each company has its (most) specific needs! Because of their very own working environment, the country region they are based in, the people working there, their market, clients and partners; because of all these items, the equation has to change from one organization to another. So, before getting in touch with a professional software development partner, it is mandatory for you to assess the needs of your own company.

Before getting in touch with a professional software development partner, you should draw up a list with the day-to-day operations or transactions of the business.

We are talking about drawing up a list with the day-to-day operations or transactions of the business as well and identify the tools you may need and the aspects that may need some improvements. Starting with that list, it will be easier to find out and hire the right group of professionals to develop custom software.

2. Market research is now a “must do”

Custom software development is not exactly something new, so there are a lot of companies providing this kind of services. What is important here is to know, exactly what you want, define your budget and point out which IT partner will give you the best answer is this area. This kind of knowledge does not come without some work and a lot of research. In fact, market research is the secret when too many companies are now engaged in providing application and software development services. It can be challenging to find the right one for your business needs.

To ease the job, we recommend you first research the top developers in your local community and the main companies in the market. Keep in mind that you should not hire a firm without knowing the credentials of their team members. But this is a theme for another tip…

3. Look around for other similar cases…

…and ask for referrals before “going for it”. No matter if we are talking about a well-known IT company or a small provider, the fact is that they must present some other client names they already work with and explain a bit of what they are doing there.

That is why you are encouraged to network with other business owners who have already done that and will be able to provide you with some guidance or help on your journey.

To seek referrals or recommendations from them is now much easier. Inquire them and ask for the name of the firm responsible for their custom software. Above all, do not be ashamed to ask around. It will help you a lot!

Don’t hire a custom software development firm without knowing the credentials of their team members.

 Get the process on the move

4. It is now time to go for software development

Once you have done all the homework, research is over, studies about different suppliers are finished and referrals asked, it is now time to choose the right partner and go for it. What we are saying is that you must start the process of custom software development. Be aware that it is important to define an estimated delivery time. This will give you an idea to set up your further plans and grow your business.

5. Bug-free and fine tune features by testing and testing!

A bug is always a bug and a big headache when (and if) it happens. So, testing your software, before going live, it is an important way to prevent this kind of unwelcomed things. It gives you the opportunity to know where things might go wrong, by simulating a real environment, and fixed it up. It will all run smoothly from here.

6. Deployment is not the end…

…you need to make sure there is a maintenance process in order, as well. But first things first. Decisions are made, development ended, testing gave you OK? Perfect! Your software is now ready to go… deployment (we must say) and, by choosing the right custom software company you made sure you have not only the best product in place to answer the needs of the business but also the right maintenance if (and when) you should need it.

2019: Trends to watch in the near future…is your partner working on it?

7. Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are like a mix between a regular web application and a mobile application. One reason to believe that the growth of this type of application will be a fact in 2019 is that PWAs are easier to develop and maintain than regular mobile applications.

In fact, this new kind of model tries to combine the benefits of both parts, the web and mobile apps and, in the end, it gives users a much better and modern experience.

In its 2019 predictions, in the report: “Predictions 2019: Artificial Intelligence”, Forrester says that 40% of businesses will have already adopted AI to automate their processes.

8. The power of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is not something new in the market but it has been gaining a new dimension in the last few years. To get better results, organizations must know that digital transformation is the main part of their business strategies. And, most of all, that business leaders consider artificial intelligence as one of the key drivers of digital transformation.

Forrester is saying that by the end of 2019, more than 40% of businesses have already adopted AI to automate their processes; on the other hand, a lot of companies are working on developing frameworks to execute even more tasks with its help every day. Artificial Intelligence will be a must do in all the technological areas and CEOs should be aware of that.

9. A thing called “mixed reality”

Mixed reality is the combination of two different worlds, the physical and the digital world. It all comes together in one (big) world and it is becoming the next evolution in human-computer interaction.

The mixed reality is being integrated into large-scale web and mobile applications and it is a trend you must be aware of for 2019.

Sum It Up

We are facing an environment that is changing and growing faster than we can imagine. That being said, it is important to stay up to date with this kind of developments or your business will run far behind your main competitors.

By choosing the right custom software company, you will be also choosing more than a provider. In fact, you will be working with a partner that wants to know more about the needs and requirements of your business – for instance, will you be working on low code? –, works on the pre-defined budget and becomes happy when your business reaches their goals. Because that is when the IT supplier partner job is (really) done!

That is exactly what Blue Screen and our team will offer you. If you have any more doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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