Blue Screen becomes world reference OutSystems partner

Blue Screen becomes world reference OutSystems partner

Blue Screen is one of today’s closest OutSystems partner and has developed its own solution that can be tailored to customer needs.

There is a technology company 100% national that is proving itself in the international market of Web and Mobile applications and beating the competition of great global players. It’s called Blue Screen, it’s one of today’s closest OutSystems partner and has developed its own solution – called XPressBSS – that can be customized and tailored to each customer’s needs.

The secret is in the low-code and in an extremely agile structure, which allows giving an extremely fast response and a very close support. There are already 12 Blue Screen international clients and account for more than 80% of the business of this small IT company in Lisbon.

The secret to conquering the 58 clients that decided to leave the multinationals and deliver their projects to Blue Screen goes “for the involvement of the client in the process, in the management of expectations and in the interest for the business of those who hire us”, explains Frederico Faria de Oliveira, Blue Screen’s Managing Partner. “Having achieved this, it is enough to fulfill the proposed work methodology”, says the person in charge.

With active clients in the Auction, Automotive, Dental, Real Estate, Financial, Legal, Industrial, Computer and Mobile sectors, Blue Screen is able to present an average implementation time of only 3 months, with a small team of 2 developers and 1 tester. “The operational efficiency to reduce costs and the digital experience of customers are essential vectors for their full satisfaction”, adds Frederico Faria de Oliveira.

An OutSystems partner since 2012, Blue Screen stands out for the agility of its team of senior professionals and for the flexibility and adaptation to the way of working of its clients, who are typically of a much larger size. “There is a constant level of excellence from the team that ensures that delivery to the client is fast and efficient”, explains Frederico Faria de Oliveira.

“They often ask why customers prefer a small Portuguese company for its OutSystems partner”, says the person in charge. “I tend to respond that we are a reference because we are a closer company and we do not act as suppliers, trying to be part of their team and adapt to their work model,” says Frederico Faria de Oliveira.


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Picture of Blue Screen’s founding partners: Carlos Vaz de Oliveira and Frederico Faria de Oliveira