Blue Screen: a journey that is divided into eight sectors and has already reached ten countries

Blue Screen: a journey that is divided into eight sectors and has already reached ten countries

OutSystems and Microsoft are the Blue Screen Partner companies that are physically based in Portugal, but whose business takes place in nine other countries. The company’s story is now almost two decades old.

Blue Screen in numbers

Carlos Oliveira and Frederico Faria de Oliveira, Blue Screen’s Managing Partners, reveal that 80% of the company’s turnover refers to business abroad. With no physical headquarters in any country other than Portugal, the 17 employees remotely serve clients from other regions.

Blue Screen is an “agile company” dedicated to software development, operating from the United States to Europe. “It has a dedicated team that assists the client in deploying integrated solutions”, explains those managers, and operates in eight sectors: Automotive, Financial, Real Estate, Legal, Health, Services, Transformation and Technology.

The partners Carlos Vaz de Oliveira and Frederico Faria de Oliveira met while they were students of Computer Engineering at the same college and in June 2000 they started Blue Screen – Soluções Informáticas, Lda.

“During the company’s first years of activity, it quickly became clear that the analysis capacity, response time and quality of the technical solutions provided by Blue Screen stand out compared to other similar-sized companies”, they say, and as key points “of this differentiation” they emphasize “the degree of innovation of the developed systems developed and their scalability” – the company’s oldest system is 22 years old and is still active.

The most significant projects

“The development of an R&DT project, supported by NSRF, allowed the development of the XPressBSS project, which today has clear advantages over other market proposals and has also transformed the company – whether by adopting new work methodologies, adopting new low code technology or managing an internal product”, say those leaders, and this is considered to be one of the most important projects in the recent past.

In March 2015, they say, “a multinational in the automotive sector, leader in the European car auction market, for which Blue Screen already provided services in southern European countries and Brazil, decided to implement XPressBSS as the main system in the main countries where it operates“.

The following year, a North American multinational selected Blue Screen to be its Partner “in the implementation of low code based systems, working together with its internal team based in Switzerland“.

In 2017, “the company gets its internationalization project approval by European Union and the financial support of the Portugal 2020 Program. With the internationalization project, Blue Screen intends to strengthen its presence in the foreign markets where it operates and hopes to increase its international sales volume”, underline Carlos Oliveira and Frederico Faria de Oliveira.

In 2018, the above mentioned automotive sector’s  multinational was already operating XpressBss in seven European markets and, in the same year, Blue Screen entered the Top 100 ranking of the Best Companies to Work for in Portugal.

Still that year, “one of the most prominent banks in Portugal” decides to implement the LMS as the key system in its Credit Recovery, Judicial Process Management and Litigation areas to be shared along with law firms.

The managers of Blue Screen believe that “all the growth achieved by the company, either in number of clients or in invoicing volume, is due to the reference of the existing clients (internal and external) that, for being satisfied with the services provided by Blue Screen, indicate others; or just by embracing new opportunities within existing clients”.

Eight sectors of activity

The expertise in the automotive sector is divided into three solutions: car inventory management; auction management and car inspection and evaluation (web and mobile). When providing services to the financial sector, Blue Screen offers a complete accounting solution, an invoicing system certified by the Tax Authority; bank credit recovery; bank system implementation and maintenance.

In the real estate sector, Blue Screen has solutions for the real estate management and a real estate auction system. The development of a management solution for legal processes is also in the Partner’s portfolio.

Blue Screen also works in the healthcare sector: dental clinics can rely on Blue Screen for the maintenance of their systems in an operation field known as Transformation, for which a laboratory management solution is offered. Finally, in the technology sector, project management and product launch management also come into the company’s expertise.

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Picture of Blue Screen’s founding partners: Carlos Vaz de Oliveira and Frederico Faria de Oliveira