4 ways Blue Screen can help you improve ROI with a low code platform

4 ways Blue Screen can help you improve ROI with a low code platform

The decision has been made and by now it is all settled and done: low code development is, actually, the best decision an organization can make, as it is the right path to follow. The necessities are all pointed out and IT administrators know exactly where “it hurts”.

Accelerating digital transformation and increasing responsiveness to the business (66% of the responders) were the top reasons low-code platforms have already been adopted (OutSystems survey: State of Application Development Report, 2019/2020). 

So, what’s missing now for the company to accomplish the chosen strategy?  The answer is an easy one: to have the right partner whom you can work with. The one that will meet all business requirements and drive the organization into success.

To invest in a low code platform is a huge decision, therefore, it is critical for the company to get the maximum ROI from this investment. That is why choosing the best possible partner is an important step and makes all the difference when it comes to maximizing ROI. This is exactly where Blue Screen IT Solutions may turn out to be an important help and the right answer to count on.

We will give you four reasons why:

1. Know-how

Low code development platforms focus on driving innovation more rapidly but, to do so, the technical know-how is a fundamental asset; it is also important in other situations, as to achieve the maximum return on investment in a project developed with low code. As Forrester said in its report, the best low code platforms are “more than just tools to solve an immediate pain point”. They must also be “platforms that can produce business value over a period of many years.” In this case, choosing a proven partner in the market is one of the most important steps you can take, before go low code.

2. IT Consulting with an excellent background

The experience gained over the years in IT consulting services allows Blue Screen IT Solutions to clearly identify the needs of the organization and, from there, to build a project that best responds to the client’s business.

The IT consulting process starts with a comprehensive assessment of the business plan, existing processes and tools, so a plan can be devised to optimize existing resources and prepare the company towards future actions. Once identified the changes, Blue Screen will also be able to create a tailor-made product so that the company may monetize their ROI. 

Check the use of a legal case management software, leveraged by the use of an agile development platform that can be easily adapted to the business specific needs of lawyers, law firms and legal departments .

All that is possible because business will gain in delivery time, continuous improvement of internal processes and will have a greater control over the operation (which, in the end, translates into more money for the client).

Low-code and no-code development platforms can be ideal if you’re looking to solve major inefficiencies within your business using technology.

3. OutSystems partner since 2013

Blue Screen IT Solutions has been an OutSystems partner for the last six years, and that is a reality that ensures the company the right capacities to develop low code design; a work is done with all the knowledge that has been accumulated over the last years along with much of the projects already developed. Thousands of customers around the world trust OutSystems as the number one low code platform for rapid application development. The reason? Because it is the fastest way to deliver enterprise-grade multi-channel applications and the only solution to combine visual full-stack app dev with continuous lifecycle management.

The partnership between both companies, allows Blue Screen clients to develop projects tailored to their needs and, by doing that, ROI grows exponentially.

4. Best know-how in the market

Blue Screen is an agile software development and system maintenance services company with 20 years of experience. It is a company that operates in quite a lot of international IT markets – where it develops low-code projects –, such as the United States, Europe, Brazil and Cape Verde. Working with different geographies and needs has given the Blue Screen team the efficiency they need to be ahead of main competitors. At the same time, teams are also able to respond to the needs of new clients, assuring an effective cut on development time and turn a project in something profitable, with an effective return on investment.

After all…

Choosing the ideal partner is a hard job, but it could also be very rewarding as it may turn out to be an important deal breaker when an organization decides to go for low code development.

Blue Screen can help on things like project development and return on investment. So, if you need further assistance or still have doubts, our team is always available for you. Don’t hesitate to schedule a meeting and we will be more than happy to help you identify which are your business needs and to define all the steps towards a well-succeeded project.

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This text was last updated on September 5, 2019