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Application no. º 24626/2012

This application is qualified for the contest notice, since it provides activities for Innovation, Research and Development framed in an individual project focusing on the development of an integrated system to support business management (ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning), which includes modules such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Service, Inventory, Sales, Finance and Business Intelligence - also intends to include a set of integrations with other systems (EDI - Electronic Data Interchange) in order to provide it with expandability.

It is a conscious effort of the technical risk involved, aiming to increase promoter’s competitiveness and allow it to increase its international market share. This project also aims to increase the overall efficiency and speed of engineering processes and software development through the use of Portuguese Agile technology.

Efficiency improvement in these processes, fundamental to the Promoter’s business development, will allow it to continue competing successfully in the markets where it operates, consolidating its growth strategy and increased market share in foreign markets. Given it, the project’s nuclear activities are:

1) Study, investigate, define, implement, evaluate and consolidate a methodology for rapid development to achieve the goal of realizing the R&D for Express Business Software Solution (XPressBSS): an ERP / EDI tool, Business Intelligence, for operational and financial management, cloud hosted SaaS, which, focusing on the ease of use, streamlines business processes, providing a comprehensive view of their business, resources, costs and income, and also enhancing mobility and internationalization.

2) Study, investigate, define, implement, evaluate and consolidate rapid development support systems, as well as financial and business intelligence aspects, by including Open Source Data Mining project results integrated into a BI solution.

As project result SaaS business management software tools (ERP / EDI) hosted in the cloud will be created, allowing its subsequent exploration and use in domestic and international markets. This project also takes into account the major trends in software and services market, especially in the short and medium term.

The project NSRF IS R&D (Individual) n. º 24626 entitled XPressBSS - Express Business Software Solution, convention with IAPMEI - Institute for Support of Small and Medium Enterprises and Innovation, aims to develop an ERP tool which, focusing on simplicity of use, streamlines business processes, providing a comprehensive view of their business, resources, costs and income, and also enhances the mobility and internationalization, supported by ERDF and Lisbon’s Regional Operational Program.

The implementation period is between 01/05/2012 and 30/04/2014, is funded € 143,896.96 (one hundred and forty thousand, eight hundred and ninety-six euros and ninety-six cents) with an overall investment budget of € 306,938.77 (three hundred and six thousand, nine hundred and thirty-eight euros and seventy-seven cents), being the maximum amount of funding in the form of non-refundable incentive.

XPressBSS Presentation Conference, which took place on 27 October 2014 in the auditorium of Digital School.